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I write for the Wall Street Journal regularly, covering food, travel, health, fashion, gear and spirits. Here are a few columns I’ve been covering:


What’s Your Workout

Space Buff: Lifting Weights in Weightlessness

Opera Singer Builds Up Stamina for Carmen

Running (Biking and Skiing) for Mayor


Tricks of the Trade

 Spicing Up a Brown Bag Lunch

The Bag Makes the Woman


Personal Journal fixtures

The Going Rate: Hotel Beds

Marketing Decoder: Dewar’s Whiskey


And look for upcoming Dynasties columns…


Move Over Bacon: Foodies Just Want the Smoke.


Also: Risks, Rewards of Smoky Shortcut


I’ve started contributing to the What’s Your Workout column at The Wall Street Journal, check it out.

May you be kitesurfing when you are 73.

As online video calls become an everyday activity, a country raised on television is learning how to make good TV at home. – The Wall Street Journal

And I got a shameless plug for For All the Tea in China into the TV segment.

Best book on corporate espionage ever written,” – The Wall Street Journal. (ok, so I said it in WSJ, but if we ever redesign the paperback…)

I’m now contributing to the Tricks of the Trade column at the Wall Street Journal, expect more of these.

Hawaii offers celebrity sizzlers, classic experiences, an inn crowd, and hot bikinis for BRIDES Magazine.

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