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The Wall Street Journal:

Cook luxury foods without missing a morsel – Chris Kostow

What to do with an abundance of vegetables?

The etiquette of bringing your own meal on a plane – Nancy Silverton

The challenge of cooking in a summer rental – Michael Ferraro



Thomas Keller: Eating His Words



I write for the Wall Street Journal regularly, covering food, travel, health, fashion, gear and spirits. Here are a few columns I’ve been covering:


What’s Your Workout

Space Buff: Lifting Weights in Weightlessness

Opera Singer Builds Up Stamina for Carmen

Running (Biking and Skiing) for Mayor


Tricks of the Trade

 Spicing Up a Brown Bag Lunch

The Bag Makes the Woman


Personal Journal fixtures

The Going Rate: Hotel Beds

Marketing Decoder: Dewar’s Whiskey


And look for upcoming Dynasties columns…


Move Over Bacon: Foodies Just Want the Smoke.


Also: Risks, Rewards of Smoky Shortcut


CBS’ Watch!  magazine has named me Deputy Editor of Glam.  (Best masthead title ever)

I’m launching a new section, covering luxury, fashion, food, beauty, travel, lifestyle and all your favorite CBS celebrities.  Look for it in the November/December holiday issue.

Chef Stories

I’ve gotten some great food gigs recently:

Martin Picard for Men’s Journal

Cosmopolitan Chefs in Vegas:  Jose Andres, Scott Conant, Bromberg Brothers, David Myers and Costas Spiliadis for Private Clubs Magazine.

My favorite food in Hawaii? A tough choice, but if I smell barbecue I always stop to see if it’s Huli Huli chicken.  – ISLANDS Magazine

I’ve been doing some work online:

Mostly as a contributor to AOL Travel.

Read about the 10 under 10: Best Boutique Hotels Under 10 Rooms

Or the Best Bars with a View.

Or the Best Beach Bars Around the World

Or the Best Places to Unplug.

And a few other things, here and there and everywhere.

Costa Rica – The Adventure Honeymoon

Tropics of Taste – The Designer Honeymoon

I went to Belfast, Northern Ireland, ate in 13 restaurants in 3 days – and these were worth writing home about.  – Bon Appetit Magazine.

Teach a Man to Fish: the Gift of Cooking Class – Men’s Journal


Best Chefs in the National Parks – Men’s Journal

Sarah Rose on FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA begins at the 15 minute mark

Are New York’s finest chefs building an ark and saving the world by serving up heritage turkeys?  Or on Thanksgiving would we rather sink our teeth into the tender flesh of a supermarket wonderbird?   –  for Men’s Journal

(online here)

Want to eat right on the first night out? Chef Peter Berley teaches you how to prep at home, cook in camp. And a car camping meal planner to boot. – Men’s Journal

By resurrecting its cuisine, Chef Michael Dowd tries to preserve a tribe’s traditional way of life – Men’s Journal

Michael O’Dowd collects swords, races BMWs, and asks little old Indian ladies for their grandmothers’ recipes. As executive chef of Kai restaurant at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass resort outside Phoenix, O’Dowd takes Native American ingredients and marries them to haute techniques, pairing wild elk with tagliatelle, bathing sea urchins in a fondue of piquillo peppers, and infusing cotton candy with Amarillo chiles.

Food is a vehicle for memory; it is our first encounter with metaphor. A favorite food, a special dish, can bring back a rush of details about people long gone.  Meditations on a madeleine cookie can recreate an entire lost world. My great aunt-Lil died at age 98, and, though we could see it coming, it never occurred to us to write down her schnecken recipe. In the many years since, it has become a double blow–Aunt Lil is dead and we have lost the keys home.

–Plenty Magazine

And a side of fries?

Fast food has come to symbolize the corruption of the American diet – could it also be our salvation? — Plenty Magazine

Once a luxury, tea is a necessity to some and a spiritual practice for others.  — Aloha Magazine

Stories for boys

Rye class – the swanky new name for rockgut.   — Men’s Journal

Stag Party – how to blow a lot of money on freedom.  (see table of contents)  — Quest Magazine

World’s Rarest Car – The Car of Futures Past — Men’s Journal

Eating Vegetarians

Predators vs. Grazers, a love story.  — Plenty Magazine