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This story is one of the best things I’m likely to write all year. ¬†

Or ever.


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I’ve been doing some work online:

Mostly as a contributor to AOL Travel.

Read about the 10 under 10: Best Boutique Hotels Under 10 Rooms

Or the Best Bars with a View.

Or the Best Beach Bars Around the World

Or the Best Places to Unplug.

And a few other things, here and there and everywhere.

Costa Rica – The Adventure Honeymoon

Tropics of Taste – The Designer Honeymoon

For All the Tea in China releases in North America on March 18, and the reviews are starting to arrive:

A delicious brew of information on the history of tea cultivation and consumption in the Western world…a remarkably riveting tale. Booklist, (starred review)

Journalist Rose  is a rarity, an author who skillfully narrates her own lush work, capturing every nuance perfectly. Library Journal, (starred review)

Sarah Rose steeps us in the story of Robert Fortune. National Geographic Traveler

“Written in an engaging and lively tone, Sarah Rose’s book is as much an adventure story as a piece of history.” Catholic Herald

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Bloggers read

He is not my mother, I’ve never even met him, but he lives in China and said “I couldn’t put the book down.” – This Is China Blog

Seems like the T-Ching likes Robert Fortune too T Ching

“If you like tea (and presumably you do, or why would you be reading this blog?) go get it from your local library or bookshop or friend and read it.” – Tea For You and Me

Someone in Maine is pre-ordering her copy (ok, ok, so she’s a friend, but still…) – Travels With Hillary