D-Day Girls on TODAY Show

“It is inspiring, empowering, there are parts that gave me full-body chills… I have never read a book like this. Even if you think you don’t like nonfiction, pick up this book!” Beach reads 2019: Best new books to check out this summer Get your list of beach reads together ahead of summer! BuzzFeed Books founding editor Isaac Fitzgerald and New York Times bestselling authors …today.com


I’ll be speaking around the nation to support the launch of D-Day Girls: The Spies Who Sabotaged the Nazis, Armed the Resistance and Helped Win World War II. Curious as to what my lectures are like? Take a look: And if you’re interested in scheduling me, for a book club, reading or other event, please contact  Penny Simon, Vice President, Executive Publicist Crown Publishers psimon@penguinrandomhouse.com 865-675-1705

Going Places

It’s been a while since I’ve posted travel features. Want to see where I’ve been? Borneo for the Wall Street Journal Dirty Weekends for Men’s Fitness Croatia for Yachting Papua New Guinea for Hana Hou Monaco for Departures

2014 Lowell Thomas Award – Adventure Travel

I won a fancy award for my Outside Magazine feature story. “Tune In, Give Up, Ship Out/Escaping the Recession by Boat” The judges said nice things. Down-markets create buying opportunities. Two brothers in recession America knew that and bought a yacht for half price on Craigslist and then tried to sail it around the world. Their story is one of courage and dumb luck, and it is one heck of an entertaining read.