Tea Love – Minneapolis, Chicago, Hong Kong, Beijing, London

In “For All the Tea in China,” the most eventful era of the tea plant gets the inspired treatment it deserves. – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Pause to reflect that the tea you are enjoying is totally hot — as in, stolen! Nabbed! Ripped off! Nothing more than the subject of international corporate espionage! – Chicago Sun Times

The spy who loved tea. The Express  (p1, p2)

The most fun and exciting new book I have read this year. Beijing Today

Rose has done well. – South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

This story is nothing less than remarkable. San Francisco Book Review

Sarah Rose’s history of how tea came to be cultivated outside China reads like an adventure yarn.That he succeeded, lived to tell tale is nothing short of amazing, Rose does full justice in her appealing book. – Charlotte Post and Courier

Somehow stories like these get lost as memories fade…for some reason the incredible trek of Robert Fortune has lain dormant – until author Sarah Rose dusted off his old journals and brought him back to life. – Connect Savannah

Sarah Rose spins this out into a popular history that provides cameos of the late Qing Dynasty, global economics, the development of botany, the tea industry, Victorian sanitation, and other interesting or delicious tidbits. – Asian Review of Books

[FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA] reads like a novel and will take you on a roller coaster of a ride from first page to last. – Newnan-Cowenta Magazine

[Robert Fortune] broke the tea cartel and brought tea-drinking, for both the rich and the poor, to its central place in British life today. – Great British Life

One of the niftiest and most interesting histories I’ve read lately. – Montrose Daily Press