Things I Learned About Tea

    Green Tea and Black Tea are from the very same plant – the only difference is in how they are cooked, similar to the difference between boiled and roasted potatoes.
    Herbal tea is not even tea at all, but an “infusion”.  In this respect, chicken soup is really chicken tea.
    Tea contains more caffeine by weight than coffee.
    Tea is the most popular drink on earth, next to water.
    Prized teas are more valuable than gold by weight.
    Tea comes from a flowering camellia – Camellia sinensis – in other words, the Chinese Camellia.
    Tea drinking countries industrialized faster than coffee drinking cultures, because tea requires boiling water which kills waterborn illnesses.
    The habit of stirring sugar into tea came from Victorian England – a global empire with Caribbean colonies and a glut of inexpensive sugar.
    Tea’s proven medical benefits can save lives: it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and heart disease risk, aids weight loss, and delivers cancer fighting anti-oxidants. Just 2 cups of tea per day may lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 46 percent in women.

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